Participant must:

1-Be 18 years or older, or accompanied by an adult or with special arrangements prior to an event.

2-Be able to manage all personal care and mobility independently or with the assistance of a companion who accompanies the participant.

3-Be able to get in and out of a canoe, kayak or watercraft independently or with the assistance of a companion, following instruction.

4-Be comfortable in the water including: floating on back independently with a properly fitted PFD, turning from face down to face up independently while wearing a properly fitted PFD, and holding breath while under water.

5-Be able to maintain a balance, upright position when seated in a kayak, with adaptations if needed. **NOTE ** No adaptations providing head or neck support will be accepted.

6- Follow all Federal and state laws and rules on and around the waterways.

7-Follow volunteer and staff direction and instruction of River Quest.